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Our webinar series includes topics that span lifestyle and managing your patients' diabetes to using all the different aspects of the FreeStyle Libre systems. Each webinar lasts around 60 mins and always includes a live Q&A session at the end. If you miss our live webinars, you can always watch them on-demand at a later date.


Highlights from the American Diabetes Association (ADA) Congress 2023, Webinar

ATTD 2023 Rethinking Treatment Limits with Sensor-Based Technology

Webinar: Understanding your diet using the FreeStyle Libre system

Webinar: Understanding exercise using the FreeStyle Libre system

FreeStyle Webinar: Spotlight on Hypoglycaemia

Webinar : Understanding Diabetes Burnout

Upcoming Live Webinars


Additional Resources

As well as our webinar series, we have various other resources to help you and your patients learn about living with diabetes and the FreeStyle Libre systems.

Educational Modules

Learn more about diabetes and the FreeStyle Libre systems through our Healthcare Professional education modules.

Tutorial Videos

Explore our selection of tutorial videos created for you and your patients to get the most out of the FreeStyle Libre systems.

Training Resources

Our training resources have been designed to support you in helping your patients understand the FreeStyle Libre systems.