If a user of the FreeStyle Libre 3 System changes their glucose alarm settings, what happens to the glucose alarm settings to the connected LibreLinkUp app?

If a LibreLinkUp app user does not change or customise their glucose alarm settings, the LibreLinkUp app will default to mirror the settings of the connected FreeStyle Libre 3 app user, including if their alarms are turned off.

However, if the LibreLinkUp app user customises their glucose alarm settings in the LibreLinkUp app, the LibreLinkUp app will retain those settings regardless of what the connected FreeStyle Libre 3 app user does to their glucose alarm settings.

This means, for example, if a LibreLinkUp app user has customised their glucose alarm settings to alert at a certain level, the LibreLinkUp app will alarm even if the connected FreeStyle Libre 3 app user has set their settings differently.