How do I connect my patients’ glucose devices?

Once you have successfully installed the LibreView Device Drivers, you can plug in any compatible device to start uploading glucose data. Log in to your LibreView Account, click the Device icon in the top navigation. Connect one end of the cable to the glucose device and the other end of the cable to your computer and choose the option for saving the reports.

For a one-time report:
Click Create a 1-time Report to create a temporary report. This is accessible to you for 24 hours, contains no patient identifying information, and is not saved in LibreView permanently.

For a saved report:
Click Create Report Linked to Patient to save the report to a Patient Record, making it easy to view anytime.

Note: If this is your first time uploading a glucose device to this computer, you will be asked to install software that allows your glucose device to communicate with LibreView.

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