Scientific Evidence

Explore our various clinical research, evidence and real-world data

Clinical Evidence

Explore the clinical benefits of the FreeStyle Libre systems* for a broad range of T1D and T2D patients.

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Real-World Data

Analysing the positive impact of the FreeStyle Libre systems* on the lives of real users.

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Ambulatory Glucose Profile

An introduction to reviewing glycaemic control with Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP)

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Time in Range

An important metric that goes beyond HbA1c, discover how Time in Range can provide actionable information for you and your patients.

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Additional Resources

Webcast Series

Learn more about Time in Range in our CME accredited three-module webcast series.

Training Resources

Explore our training resources to help your patients understand Time in Range better.

Educational Modules

Learn more about Time in Range and the FreeStyle Libre Portfolio through our Healthcare Professional education modules.


We offer various on-demand webinars for Healthcare Professionals including Understanding Time in Range.


References & Disclaimers:

Images are for illustrative purposes only. Not real patient or Health Care Professional.

* FreeStyle Libre systems refers to the FreeStyle Libre and FreeStyle Libre 2 systems.