Does the Sensor require any special handling when my patients are travelling?

If restricted by flight regulations, we recommend that readers be powered off during a flight and not used for scanning a Sensor. Aviation regulations dictate that a flight crew may decide that they do not want any electronic devices powered on during a flight regardless of device. In general, the FreeStyle Libre systems* are not restricted by flight regulations and can be used since it meets the RTCA guidance of use of medical devices on planes.
The strip port on the reader can be used to take blood glucose or ketone readings during flight. Turning on the reader with the Home Button will activate the radio. Users must turn on the reader by inserting a test strip to avoid activating the radio.
• Some airport full-body scanners include x-ray or millimetre radio-wave, which your patients cannot expose their Sensor and reader to.
To avoid removing your patients Sensor, they may request another type of screening. If in doubt about the type of security scan they are passing through, they should notify the Security Officer prior to proceeding through the airport security checkpoint.
• The Sensor can be exposed to common electrostatic (ESD) and electromagnetic interference (EMI), including airport metal detectors. Your patients can keep their FreeStyle Libre sensor on while going through these.

* FreeStyle Libre systems refers to the FreeStyle Libre and FreeStyle Libre 2 systems.