Precision Pro

Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System

The first1 blood glucose monitoring system designed for the hospital with Triple Protection. Safeguard the integrity of your hospital’s blood glucose and ketone point-of-care testing process with the FreeStyle Precision Pro system.


Freestyle Optium Neo H
Freestyle Optium Neo H
Freestyle Optium Neo H

Features & Benefits

Real-time2 dual-band wireless



Immediate patient test results when and where you need them to keep your patient records up to date.

Rapid access to test results anywhere2 in the hospital

Streamlined workflow – no docking required

Dual-band wireless for more connectivity options3

Automatic upload of patient results to electronic medical records4

Real-time data sharing2

2-D barcode




Helps improve safety, efficiency and creates better patient ID tracking.

Reads 1D and 2D barcodes enabling transition to new technology

Camera based reader eliminates risk of laser eye contact

2D barcodes are easily scanned on curved patient wristbands5

Store more information in less space with 2D barcodes6

Improved accuracy and haematocrit performance



Helps enhance bedside accuracy for better patient care.

Meets current ISO15197 standards

Haematocrit compensation from 15% to 65% enhances accuracy

In clinical studies, >99% of results with FreeStyle Precision Pro glucose test strips were within ±0.83 mmol/L or ±15% of laboratory reference

 within ±0.28 mmol/L
or ±5% of lab reference
within ±0.56 mmol/L or ±10% of lab referencewithin ±0.83 mmol/L
or ±15% of lab reference
Glucose concentrations
<4.2 mmol/L (capillary)
59,3% (32/54)96,3% (52/54)100% (54/54)
Glucose concentrations
≥4.2 mmol/L (capillary)
70,1% (303/432)94,9% (410/432)99,1% (428/432)

Individually foil-
wrapped test strips



Minimises the risk of exposure to pathogens for increased safety.

5-second blood glucose test time for fast bedside results

Protected from the air, humidity and other contaminants to ensure accurate results7,8

Designed with convenient automatic calibration and expiry date check to guarantee reliable results via the individual barcode

Quick and easy to open due to notched foil wrapper

Individually barcoded to enable ‘Automatic Lockout’, which prevents inaccuracies that can occur due to the use of expired test strips

In hospital studies, 25.7%–57.0% of vial packaged blood glucose test strips were contaminated with bacteria, posing risk of bacterial transmission between patients9,10


Also includes an on-meter display that shows patient and operator ID confirmation for increased safety.

References & Disclaimers

Images are for illustrative purposes only. Not real patient or data.

1. Based on leading brands – Abbott Diabetes Care, Roche Diagnostics, and Nova Biomedical.

2. In a WiFi enabled facility when the meter and data management systems are properly configured.

3. More connectivity options compared to single-band systems.

4. Requires integration with hospital medical records (EMR) system.

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