FreeStyle Libre 3 App

Minute-to-minute glucose readings from the FreeStyle Libre 3 sensor sent directly to your patient's smartphone◊◊

Available on iPhone and Android:

FreeStyle Libre 3 app
FreeStyle Libre 3 app
FreeStyle Libre 3 app

What your patients can expect

Minute-to-minute readings sent automatically to patients' smartphones◊◊

Real-time, accurate and detailed glucose data at a glance

Optional glucose alarms, individually controlled from their smartphone

Share data with Healthcare Professionals, family and caregiversΔ

Features & benefits

Real-time glucose data at a glance

Patients can view their minute-to-minute glucose data with a quick glance at the FreeStyle Libre 3 app home screen.◊◊ They'll see:

  • Their current glucose levels

  • A trend arrow indicating where their glucose is heading

  • A glucose graph showing their glucose readings for the last 12 hours

FreeStyle Libre 3 home screen showing trend arrows and glucose reading

In-depth glucose reports

Patients will have access to a range of detailed glucose reports, including:

  • Time in Ranges

    How much time patients spend within, above or below certain target glucose range.

    The Custom Graph is based on patient specific Target Glucose Range, and the Standard Graph is based on a Target Range of 3.9 to 10.0 mmol/L.

  • Daily Patterns

    Detailed information about patients' glucose levels over a typical day. Daily Patterns needs at least 5 days of glucose data.

  • Low Glucose Events

    An overview of patients low glucose events over a set time period. A low glucose event is recorded when the sensor glucose reading is lower than 3.9 mmol/L for longer than 15 minutes.

  • Average Glucose

    Patients' average glcuose levels over a set time period

Reports shown using the FreeStyle Libre 3 app

Optional glucose alarmsǁ

  • Three available alarms

    1. High glucose
    2. Low glucose
    3. Signal loss
  • Easy to customise

    Patients can turn the low and high glucose alarms on and off by themselves and can adjust sound/vibrationǁ using the FreeStyle Libre 3 app.◊◊

    Having individually controlled alarms (as opposed to always-on) is an important user-centric feature. Some CGM systems have 'urgent low alarms' which cannot be turned off,3 which can lead to so-called 'alarm fatigue'.4

FreeStyle Libre 3 app Low Glucose Alarm alert

Watch our How to Set Up The FreeStyle Libre 3 App video for patients to find out more about how the FreeStyle Libre 3 app works

Available on iPhone and Android:

Sharing glucose data

Share with Healthcare Professionals

Using Libreview

When connected, patients' glucose data will be automatically sharedΔ with the chosen LibreView Practice Account, helping to optimise treatment plans through remote patient monitoring.

Share with family and caregivers

Using LibreLinkUp

The LibreLinkUp app§ allows FreeStyle Libre 3 app users to automaticallyΔ share their glucose data and alarms^ with friends, family and caregivers. Also, Caregivers can set their own glucose alarm notifications and receive alarm notifications in real-time ^.

The FreeStyle Libre 3 system

Your patients know sooner. Act faster.
Be ready to avoid hypos.

The FreeStyle Libre 3 sensor works with the the FreeStyle Libre 3 app only. The FreeStyle Libre 3 system is the most accurate1,2 and reliable6 14-day CGM.

Man discovering the FreeStyle Libre 3 system

Compatible products


LibreView, our secure5 cloud based system, allows patients to share their glucose data with Healthcare professionals. When connected, you will be able to access more in-depth reports to support you in making treatment decisions for your patients.


With the LibreLinkUp app§, caregivers can view their loved one's glucose information at any timeΔ independently. Available data includes glucose readings, trend arrow, 12-hour historical graphs and alarms. 

Compatible smartphones

The FreeStyle Libre 3 app is only compatible with certain devices and operating systems. To find out if your patient’s phone is compatible, read our smartphone compatibility guide.

References & Disclaimers

Images are for illustrative purposes only. Not real patient or data.

◊◊ The FreeStyle Libre 3 app is only compatible with certain mobile devices and operating systems. Please check our website for more information about device compatibility before using the app. Sharing of glucose data requires registration with LibreView.

Δ The user’s device must have internet connectivity for glucose data to automatically upload to LibreView. 

ǁ Notifications will only be received when alarms are turned on and the sensor is within 33 feet unobstructed of the reading device.

₼ The LibreView data management software is intended for use by both patients and healthcare professionals to assist people with diabetes and their healthcare professionals in the review, analysis and evaluation of historical glucose device data to support effective diabetes management. The LibreView software is not intended to provide treatment decisions or to be used as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

§ The LibreLinkUp app is only compatible with certain mobile device and operating systems. Please check for more information about device compatibility before using the app. Use of the LibreLinkUp app requires registration with LibreView.

^ Glucose alarms will transfer to the LibreLinkUp app when users are connected and alarms are enabled on the FreeStyle Libre 3 app.

1. Comparison based on publicly available information. Data on file, Abbott Diabetes Care, Inc.

2. FreeStyle Libre 3 demonstrates 7.8% overall MARD with 7.5% adult MARD and 8.6% pediatric MARD (age 6-17) in accuracy to YSI.

3. Dexcom G6 CGM User Guide and Medtronic. Guardian Connect System User Guide.

4. Pickup JC, et al.. Real-time continuous glucose monitoring in type 1 diabetes: a qualitative framework analysis of patient narratives. Diabetes Care 2015;38(4):544-550.

5. LibreView is ISO27001/27018/27701 certified and HITRUST CSF Certified.

6. CGM reliability defined by signal connection. Data on file, Abbott Diabetes Care, Inc.