FreeStyle Libre 3 System

Next-Gen CGM performance you can count on

  • Now with the smallest, thinnest1 and most discreet2 sensor yet

  • Readings3 are updated 5x faster than other CGMs4

  • Outperforms other CGMS in connectivity5

  • Unsurpassed 14-day accuracy, especially in the low glucose range6

  • Optional, real-time glucose alarms let patients know the minute their glucose is too low6
FreeStyle Libre 3 System
FreeStyle Libre 3 System
FreeStyle Libre 3 System

Your Patients Will Know Sooner. Act Faster. Be Ready to Avoid Hypos.

The World’s Smallest,

Thinnest,1 and Most

Discreet2 Sensor

FSL3 thin sensor
FSL3 thin sensor
FSL3 thin sensor

Performance you can
count on

With a CGM system that sends real-time glucose
readings every minute directly to your patients'
smartphones,7 they will be ready to avoid hypos.

Unsurpassed accuracy

9.2% Overall MARD6 (Adults) and Unsurpassed 14-
day accuracy, especially in the low glucose range6 with 93.2% within ±20/20% of YSI values for glucose levels <80 mg/dL and ±20% when ≥80 mg/dL6.

Unrivalled discretion

The FreeStyle Libre 3 sensor is smaller than two
stacked 5 cent Euro coins providing your patients
ultimate discretion.2

No data gaps

Now the sensor can store data up to 14 days. So no
data gaps means your patients can always retrieve
their data even when their smartphone has not synced
with their sensor for up to 14 days.

Optional alarms

The new optional glucose alarms can be set
individually according to your patients’ needs.

Proven clinical outcomes

Instead of real time reporting A1C was reduced by
0.55% at 2 to 4 months and sustained for 12 months8
and 50% reduction in serious hypoglycaemia (≤3.0

Product Comparison

How does the FreeStyle Libre 3 system compare with the original FreeStyle Libre system and the FreeStyle Libre 2 system ?

Le système FreeStyle Libre
FreeStyle Libre System
Le système FreeStyle Libre 2
FreeStyle Libre 2 System
Le système FreeStyle Libre 3
FreeStyle Libre 3 System (coming soon)
Check glucose levels without the need for finger pricking10


Sensors that last up to 14 days

Excellent accuracy6

In-depth reporting

Compatible with App

✓ compatible with FreeStyle LibreLink11

✓ compatible with FreeStyle LibreLink11

✓ compatible with FreeStyle Libre 3 App7

Compatible with Reader


Optional alarms


Sensor size

5 mm height and 35 mm diameter

5 mm height and 35 mm diameter

2.9 mm height and 21 mm diameter

Environmentally friendly

41% reduction in plastic and
43% reduction in carton paper


FreeStyle LibreLink App

The FreeStyle LibreLink app11 allows patients
to interpret their glucose data and help them
make more informed diabetes management


Using LibreView,12 our secure cloud-based
system, patients can upload their glucose data
to share with their doctor and care team. You
will be able to access more in-depth reports to
support you in making treatment decisions for
your patients.


Patients who use the FreeStyle LibreLink
app11 can remotely share their glucose
readings with their caregivers and loved ones
through the LibreLinkUp app.13

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